Priority: "Dear young man/lady, Never forget that A builder is far more valuable than a building any day."   Heb. 3: 2 pic credit: Combibiolersleeds.com


A Tale of True Love

There lived a very rich man with five children Who he loved so much And wanted to be friends with. He wanted a close relationship, to commune with them... His desire was for them to know him as he knew them... He was willing to do anything for them. but his children, they weren't. They … Continue reading A Tale of True Love

For the Love Of Money…

I grew up loving three things: 1. Friday night / Saturday mornings 2. Power-puff girls which later became Sister Sister 3. The sight of my #10s and #20s under the tray on the dining table. So every Saturday morning while watching power puff girls and eating akara and milky-pap (akamu), I will raise up the … Continue reading For the Love Of Money…