There lived a very rich man with five children

Who he loved so much

And wanted to be friends with.

He wanted a close relationship, to commune with them…

His desire was for them to know him as he knew them…

He was willing to do anything for them.

but his children, they weren’t.

They didn’t understand him, they couldn’t relate with him.

They saw him as their father, too big, too old and too mighty to be their friend,

And of course they couldn’t understand that he loved them, so they kept striving to gain his love, his approval…they never got it right.

They also couldn’t understand his instructions. They always did the direct opposite of what he told them to do,

And of course they constantly got into trouble and their father would jump right in to save them.

But they were getting into trouble more frequently and their father was getting very tired about their wild escapades…

But for his love for them, he couldn’t just let them be, so he devised another plan – a strong and lasting plan that could win them over forever.

He went away and came back as another person; a younger person – their father’s friend as he introduced himself – someone they could relate with.

He started to teach them about their father (which was actually himself) and the things their father loved and the true desires of their father….

This got the children’s attention. They had never heard or seen their father in that light before. They were interested, they wanted to know more, wanted to experience this side of their father, but they constrained.

First by their ignorance (they didn’t know how to access their father). Secondly, by their state. They were so filthy, wrapped and tangled up in the mess created by their ignorance and deeply sunk in debt that didn’t even know how to pay. For this they were imprisoned by the people they owed…

So this friend paid up their debt. He went to all the people they owed and paid them all off. And after he had secured their freedom, he cleaned them up and began to teach them the ways of their father (which was himself actually) and how to access him and stay connected to him.

He didn’t ask for anything difficult in return other than they love their father and take out time to learn more about him.

Then it was time for him to leave and return back as their father…but before he did that, he left them a book – A TALE OF TRUE LOVE: A DETAILED ACCOUNT OF FATHERHOOD.

You can imagine the content….


The roughly written story above is what God did for us which is the basis of Easter. Christ came, (who is God himself), to die for you and I to restore us back to life (which is God).

Very simple! A true tale of love, unconditional love. What other love supercedes this?

Happy Easter! It is my earnest prayer, that more of Christ be revealed unto us, that we understand and we  know the hope of his calling and the riches of the glory of his inheritance in us, his saints.


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