How did you handle heartbreak? What did you do?


“Rebound relationship is not the way! It only makes things worse; you hurt more and hurt someone else in the process.


My last boyfriend, after I broke off with him was so angry and hurt, he hit the club to blow off some steam. In the process of blowing of steam, he got entangled with this club lady that they ended up sleeping together. She got pregnant and he had to take responsibility for it.


Point is, just as you don’t quench fire by pouring fuel, you don’t mend your broken heart by jumping right into another relationship. Do something else with yourself; something worthwhile if I must add. Get to know God in this period.


While I was hurting from the whole mess that was my last relationship, the first thing I did was delete his number from my cellphone so that I don’t get tempted to call. I decided to focus on my work and whenever he called, I will try to distract myself with other things so I don’t pick.


Bottom line is, I gave myself time to heal. About a year or thereabout before I started off with someone else. In those times, I got busy, learnt to know God more and tried to focus on what really mattered to me. After a while, I just noticed that I was starting to forget his existence and wasn’t feeling hurt anymore.

That was how I dealt with my heartbreak!”

. ~ Ade


pic credit: @Alkaline photography on IG



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