Hey dear,

Firstly, happy new year! My guess is you’ve been wondering why I haven’t posted anything this long, why it seems like I probably dropped off the face of the earth. I am sorry. Oh well, let’s just say I’ve been in a sort of lull – praying, listening, observing, planning and partially writing.

The Christmas break sort of took me by surprise. I went home to my parent’s for the Christmas only to discover that I had been cut-off from the internet and couldn’t browse. At first I was mortified, but it turned out that my inability to browse was a big advantage for me:

  • I was able to concentrate on my time alone with God
  • I was able to put a specific purpose to my life and generally plan the course of my life for 2017.
  • I was also able to observe behavioral patterns among young adults; I.e my younger sister and my parents, my teenage cousins and their parents and generally youths around. And for some funny reasons, these observations helped me make a chart for blog topics this 2017.

One observation I took very seriously was the fact that parenting a young adult is downright tasking and being a young adult itself isn’t in anyway easy either.

My sister and my mom were good specimen sources. They made me realize that writing on youths won’t really be complete without including the adults more actively.
And so this year, I will be writing as a kind of middle-person!Exhilarating right!

Dear mommy /daddy,


I have never mothered a child before, I can only imagine what you guys face on daily basis trying to ensure you parent right, so I will not be offering solutions from my head or giving advice that are so offhanded. Nope, I will try as much to get solutions from other mommies and daddies who have been there and successfully raised responsible young people…


Dear youth,


You’ve got a lot of bright ideas, but you don’t know how to execute them. You’re in constant tug of war with the adults, you feel like no one understands you….I’ve been there, I can relate. Don’t worry we would try and thrash it all out before the year runs out.
For February however, the blogging theme is: When Love Goes Sour.



February is a love month all thanks to valentine. Alot of we young folks will be quite busy day-dreaming about what our val gift this year will be, where we will go to, what we will do…a lot of the adult folks will be keeping their fingers crossed and praying that this year again, they manageably escape any kind of unwanted pregnancy or STI-infected child…


We will be discussing alot, you honestly don’t want to miss it.


I’m glad to be back blogging,

I missed you!




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