Happy New Month,
I would rather say “Merry Christmas” than “happy new month” because to me December is synonymous to Christmas; plus merry Christmas sounds more joyful.


“Christmas is here again, mama buy shoe for me!”✨🎼

We did sing that while growing up…it was a hymnal reminder to the adults that we needed new clothes and shoes. I am super excited it’s December! Finally a month of sharing, giving, laughter, eating and most importantly showing love.
This month and the month of January (The New Year), I will be telling stories and sharing my experiences and escapades inspired by my childhood, my family, friends and generally people’s opinions.
Let’s not forget the reason for the season also, I will also be sharing some of my biblical encounters in bible readings/quotes for the week.

There would be giveaway this month!!!!!! Did I hear someone shout “awesome”? Lol. Stay tuned every week to be a proud winner of our little giveaway….with time, we shall increase.

This year’s Christmas is going to be an absolutely fun affair and so help me God, I promise to make it as fun as possible on the blog.

Once again, stay tuned! And please kimdly start showing love from today, don’t wait until 24th/25th to be nice to someone….


God bless you this month.

Good tidings and a merry Christmas!



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