So, this is going to be my last writing in the month of November 2016. It is actually more of a scribble than anything tangible, something that just flashed through my mind as I laid on my bed and stared at the ceiling…

Alright, here goes:

When I want to escape from the world, like I am doing now, when I don’t want to face situation I have no control over, like my life seems to be landlocked in at the moment, I read.
Reading for me is an escape into a calculated world, a world where the unexplainable is explained. Reading for me is like procrastinating, subjecting time to fit my needs. I love to read, I am not ashamed to say it…I mean who doesn’t love an escape from this mad world we live in? Reading for me is comfort, like a warm blanket is to you on a cold rainy night.

Writing on the other hand is my life. Everything, outside my relationship with God, revolves around writing. Even my relationship with God makes me want to write. Writing, unlike reading, is more than an escape route, it is who I am. I would rather write down what I feel than say them. I would rather write out the things I need than say them….somehow, I believe that writing things down makes them more real, more attainable.

I tell people, that I am not half as good a writer…really, am I supposed to say I am the best writer in the world? Lack of satisfaction with my work is what drives me to be better. These days, however, I have been learning the difference between modesty and low self esteem (I dont know the English to use, sorry) and that’s beside the point. Point is, I love to write, I love to read, I love jollof rice (Lool).

And that will lead me to my mantra: Do that which you love the most! (that’s me putting it in another way) “Mé nfe echò” Do what you like! The like here is, is not the customary Igbo-like of going out of hand…no, it is in the contest of let your passion be your profession…Life is too short, too sweet to get yourself entangled in the web of a sour career. Life is more than money….happiness is life!
Do not trade your happiness in the common street of life. Trust in your abilities to turn your passion into a livelihood….in fact, let your focus be on enjoying yourself and every other thing will follow.

This is more for me than for you and maybe for you too. It is good to remind myself of who I am, so I don’t get lost.

And this is the end of my scribble. It was actually meant to be my thoughts on paper…they are so convoluted, these days.




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