“I’m in awe of Him called God.” ~ Kene

Last week Sunday, I was at a meeting organized for Christian sisters in school and I just sat there and basked in the feeling of being before God’s presence in the company of believers. It was awesome!

I didn’t go early for the meeting, but from where I joined in, I was able to deduce the message, which could be summarized in three words: Know Your God.


“Isn’t God worth knowing?” As the man talked on about the importance of growing into maturity in one’s work with God and opening one’s self to the knowledge of Him, I just kept asking myself that question. There are soooo many things about Him that we are yet to discover, yet to know and the funny thing is, they aren’t hidden; knowing God is embedded in studying the bible!

After the meeting, I felt really giddy, excited more like it. One prayer point came to mind: Lord, I grow in maturity in my relationship with you such that it shows in every aspect of my life.

Yeah, we need to grow in love of the father, we need to know Him……

I really don’t have much to say other than this: Grow In Your Knowledge of God!

God bless you.


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