Christian Fellowship Group (CFG)

We all know what moving looks like in OPH hostel –  all the uproar, the forceful displacement of lives and property, the gentle and not-so gentle arguments, the by-force eviction of all unwanted tenants from the animal family, dirt and dirty corridor with overflowing dustbins… and it doesn’t even end there. There is the issue of new roommates to contend with, moving in and unpacking/settling in, and of course the endless repairs to tackle which pops up, one after the other, like a popcorn machine gone haywire – sockets gone, fan removed, no light, bad carpentry job, no door lock, missing louvers, rat-eaten door net….hehehe, any gateway, even if it was under a stone, was a welcomed distraction.
Truth be told, I was on the borderline where this village evangelism tripping was concerned. Personally, anything with camp as a prefix or suffix made me nervous. But for some funny reasons…

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