Christian Fellowship Group (CFG)

Beginning of this month, in the post titled Hello October, I blogged that our primary focus in October will be on helping people deal with  addictions, especially to booze or smoke, the Godly way. Once again, I will give a quick recap of all we have done so far:
Booze & Smoke started in September with six interviews (only posted two on the blog). We went round to find out people’s opinions on Booze&Smoke, the whys behind drinking or smoking, plus benefits or detriment. We got really interesting answers from this. (It is still on going, permit me if we don’t put all our interviews on the blog).

Then we established God’s stand and post reminders of the word of God on the situation, which can be found in Matthew 11:28-30, (which also happens to be our theme text) and the attitude of Christians towards substance abusers.

From there we looked at…

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