We met Mr. S somewhere in Idiaraba, Lagos, Nigeria on one of our Saturday evangelism and we decided to talk to him. It was brief but quite worthy of being documented. I thought his story was quite uncoventional. A quick addition, from Saturday’s interview/evangelism, I discovered that Idiaraba is one hard community to talk to about Christ. We encountered both language barrier (as we couldn’t speak Hausa) and general hostility to God’s word.

So we continue to pray for Idiaraba community and as many places that are closed off to God’s word, that the light of God penetrates their walls and that there is a reconciliation back to God.

In the meantime, this is Mr. S testimony. (S is used for the sake of privacy):


Sir, can we meet you?

My name is Mr. S. I work for the government

Sir, do you drink or smoke?

I stopped those since the 90s when I heard a voice.

Hmmm, please sir, kindly explain

As a young boy, I used to drink and smoke because that was the trend. One day as I took the cigar to light it up, I heard a voice as clear as day, “What is that thing in your hand? Throw it away!” Ever since that day, I haven’t smoked or drank.

Sir, what do you think of drinking or smoking?

There is nothing in it. It is a pure waste of time, doesn’t satisfy.

Are you a Christian, sir?

Yes, I am. The journey is going fine.

Alright, thank you sir for your time.

you’re welcome.


picture credit: Pinterest.com



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