Hi dear readers,

It is amazing how this year’s been flying. Thank you so much for the last nine months, this tenth one promises to be equally awesome.

A quick recap of what’s been happening on the blog.





We have been looking into the lives of alcohol and smoke users, talking with them, getting their stories on paper, examining the effects of drinking and smoking as well as preaching Christ to as many possible.


This October, we would be focusing on finding solutions to addictions and talking to the church, finding reasons why the church should be concerned and how they could help people burdened by addiction.


It has really been a wonderful journey so far, I for one wasn’t expecting to learn so much about drinking or smoking and those who engage in them, but I have learnt and have been learning and one thing is sure, we need to pray for our world and for healing, because so many people are struggling and hurting and in search of a lasting solution; which of course, is at the bosom of our Lord Jesus…

A big thank you to all the teams involved – Christian Fellowship Group (CFG) editorial unit, Redeemed Christian church of God (RCF) and their editorial team; working with you guys has been wonderful, God bless you.

Finally, I will to quote Matt 11:28, our theme text for this series: “Come to me, all yea that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.” We serve a God that is very much interested in the affairs of men and is ever ready to help us if only we would surrender to Him. It is our reality, we should start living by this.

God bless you this new month.



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