The following interview was carried out in LUTH, Lagos Nigeria to find out Nigerians opinion on alcohol drinking, Its effects, reasons why people engage in it and possible solutions to heavy drinking.



What’s your name, what do you do?
Miss Olumide, I am a student.



How old are you?
I am 21



Do you drink or smoke?



Have you tasted alcohol before?
Yes, I have.



What were your reasons for tasting alcohol?
Just wanted to taste it



Do you have friends that drink?



What about friends that drink heavily, do you have those kinds?



What do you think about social drinking, is it bad?
I don’t think it’s bad, as long as you are not drinking to get drunk and it’s not every time



Would you advice someone else to drink or smoke?



What of tasting?
(laughs) yes, at least once in their lifetime



What do you think are the effects of alcohol on others, I.e the environment at large
It increases peer pressure and irresponsibility



Why do you feel people drink heavily or smoke?
To relieve stress and forget their pain.



Are you a Christian?



What do you think about Christians not drinking alcohol?
The effects of alcohol leads to irrational behaviour and that hinders a person from worshipping God properly. So Christians shouldn’t drink or smoke.



What will be your advice to people who are hooked on alcohol or smoke?
They should try to focus on something else when the urge to take alcohol or smoke comes up.



Thank you for your time.
You are welcome.











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