The following interview was carried out somewhere in Mushin, Lagos, Nigeria to find out what Nigerians thought of alcohol drinking and smoking and it’s effect, reasons why people engage in it.


What’s your name and what do you do?
Sir. Adebisi. I am a footballer



Do you drink or smoke?
No, I don’t



I don’t see anything beneficial in drinking and a good Muslim does not drink.



Do you know people who drink;  friends, family, customers etc?
Yes, I do



So what do you think is the reason why people drink or smoke?
They do not want to think of their problems. People that smoke do it because they want to get high and some people will not feel alright until they’ve smoked.



Since the disadvantages of drinking alcohol and smoking outweighs the risk, do you think the cost of these products should  be increased?
No. Some people are hooked on these things and will want to get it by all means possible. Increasing it might lead to increase in crime rate..etc. So the cost should not be increased.



So what do you think should be the solution to this issue?
I think the government should create more jobs and reduce the number of idle people.



Alright, thank you very much sir for your time
Thank you too.







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