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Welcome to discussion 2 on Booze&Smoke. From last week’s discussion and interviews, we were able to come to a conclusion that drinking alcohol and smoking does more harm than good. So this week, we continue with this question:



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6 thoughts on “Discussion on Booze&Smoke (2)

  1. Hi readers. I will posting comments from Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram below, using an alphabetical letter to represent the names for privacy purposes. Please feel free to also leave your comments, thanks.

  2. I think we live in a free world and people should be allowed to do as they wish.
    As I like to state, “your right to swing your arm ends where the other person’s nose begins”.
    So by all means, drink, smoke and be merry. People do these things cos they like them and some others cos it gives them pleasure.
    In the end it bowls down to dopamine. I’m addicted to my phone, people died pressing their phones, I could be next. Are you now going to push for a banning of phones?
    I guess no. The key thing here is regulation. Regulate smoking. Regulate drinking. Regulate human behaviour within reasonable limits and we have a better – C

  3. If Alcohol Drinking is banned, it will only cause more menace than good.
    Rules are supposed to be guidelines for order, but Man from the beginning of time has been known to break them.
    I mean Adam was given free reign to all the trees and the fruits they bear, except one, we all know how the story ended.
    This shows breaking or in a lighter tone bending rules is one of Man natural instincts.
    Countries that have legalised the use of cannabis cannabis, has seen a decrease in related criminal activities.
    Even in Countries where Alcohol Use is restricted to Adults, it is known that majority of this Adults were initiated during their teenage years.
    Economics states the higher the supply the lower the demand and Vice -Versa.
    So in a situation where d product is free for all, it is less likely for Criminals tagged _”Drug Lords”_ to prosper.
    In my own opinion Alcohol Drinking Should not be banned. – K

  4. Can’t think of an epistle worthy argument for the time being. I don’t even understand why people indulge in alcohol in the first place. I mean save Irish cream all other brands of alcohol taste like crap. But then just because I don’t understand it doesn’t mean I stand it’s ban. -M

  5. Out of curiosity, isn’t it normal that crime rate should fall after legalizing marijuana use? I mean if theft becomes legal, crime rates would crash. I really wonder what particular crimes reduced. Anyway to me, what is legal or illegal will remain subjective. It is not the same argument as what is right or wrong, and that argument is an abyss. Each time I think about of it, distilled freedom seems to be a thing of the imagination. – I

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