The following interview was carried out somewhere in Mushin garage, Lagos, Nigeria to find out what people thought about alcohol drinking and smoking and if they engaged in it.


What’s your name?
Mr. Sodiq

How old are you sir?
53 years old

What do you do for a living?
I am a Taxi Driver

Do you drink…I mean alcoholic drinks?
No. I don’t

Why not?
I used to be drink stout when I started this job. I continued drinking for about 10 years until I was diagnosed with diabetes. I suspected the stout was the cause and therefore, I stopped.

Do you smoke?

What are your thoughts about those who smoke and drink?
I believe that those who smoke and drink are not normal. It ‘turns’ the eye and is hard to control (intoxicates and addictive).

Any Advice for those who engage in these practices?
People should desist from it. It is usually said that smokers are liable to die young, so why continue? The poor health and illness that accompanies it puts a strain on one’s finances. I as a person, how do I get money to treat myself? So it is better not to use it.




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