The following interview was carried out somewhere in Mushin garage to know what people thought on alcohol and smoking, if they engaged in it and their reasons for engaging it.


What’s your name?
Mr N. A

How old are you sir?
55 years

What do you do for a living?
A transporter

Do you drink…I mean alcoholic drinks?
Yes, I do.

When did you start?
Some 20 years ago

Why did you start?
For faaji (Recreation). With my friends…

Do you derive any benefit from it?
It helps for ‘gbera’. To loose body. (gives confidence for carefree attitude)

What type of alcoholic drinks do you take?
Beer, Hot (Local gin), Schnapps.

Any regret(s) using alcohol?
None. I know my limit and can control my liquor well

How often do you drink?
About 2-3 bottles a day….maybe more

Will you advise a young person to also take to drinking?

Why not?
It can have a negative impact on one’s finances and family. There is also a tendency to misbehave especially when you take too many bottles.

Do you also smoke?

Why not?
I do not like the smell








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