Hi guys, thank you all for an awesome month! Although I was a bit drifty….Anyway, August is almost over and once again, I am really grateful for the lessons learnt and gained. I’m really thankful for the interview with Faith Anny, helped me realized how far we’ve both come and how beautiful our friendship is. I am also really thankful for all the word of God that I received, they helped me immensely and I know they did the same for you… August has been a great month indeed, in many ways than one, but we have to prepare for September!!!

The theme for September….drum roll please***……BOOZE&SMOKE!!!!! I’m quite excited about this theme because I will be teaming up with a wonderful guy (both in and out😏) and a little scared. I don’t know what to expect exactly, but I know that God will do His heart desires. Also watch out for the extraordinary youth for the month and don’t forget, you can advertise your work on the blog, just send me a mail @thatkennyandrew@gmail.com. I would be more than happy to showcase your work to the world!

God bless you this coming month and keep you and may His presence continuously abide with you now and forever.




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