In my humble opinion, there are so many reasons why a young person should not be concerned with marriage. Now, don’t misunderstand me, I am not saying you shouldn’t get married or plan to get married. I am saying that if some certain factors are not in place, then marriage shouldn’t be at the top of your list of priorities. These are some of the things you should be doing instead of chasing after marriage:

  1. Understand that there is more to life than marriage –

Personally, I see marriage as an unnecessary social convention. A person finishes school, gets a job, begins to make money and then the next thing is to get married. Some people don’t bother to settle down and plan their future and the future of their intended family. That’s why a lot of people never achieve their dreams, because, for one, they are in a hurry to have a family. Two, they fail to understand that marriage comes with responsibilities. Everybody needs to live! Do not rush into anything without knowing what exactly you are doing; most especially marriage.

The Last King of Film Reviews_ Why Did I Get Marr

  1. Focus on knowing who you are and what your life goals should become –

It differs with individuals, some people figure out what they want to do with their lives in a matter of months, others spend years in their journey to self-discovery. Whichever one, know yourself and what you want to do with yourself for the rest of your life first, before venturing into a commitment with another person.

  1. Get to know your partner better –

Be sure you’re with the right person first! Then, take time to know your intended spouse. Cultivate the habit of learning new things about each other, likes and all. Remember, marriage is a lifetime commitment; you certainly don’t want to tie the knot with someone, only to realize months later such great mistake you made.

You do not want to end up like this.


  1. Be sure you’re in the marriage for the right reasons –

Very self-explanatory.

I will end with this article I read on 10 brutally honest things one should know before getting married: Never believe marriage will make you happy. Happiness only comes from within, nothing external can make a person happy. So, make sure you’re truly happy and content with your lifestyle and so when you eventually get married, you don’t place unnecessary pressure on your marriage as being the key to your happiness.


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