Hello and good morning,

I will like to formally introduce the new addition to kennyandrew.wordpress.com: Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things. This category focuses on the lives of Christian youths who have done and are doing something extra with their time and resources and are a huge success at it. It also focuses on young people who are doing something amazing and blessing lives with their talents. These individuals will be working us through their daily lives and profession and showing us how they do what they do and the secret to their success.

The idea is to encourage and inspire other young people  with similar passion to keep moving and keep doing what they do without giving up. Also, it is paramount for us all to realize that a collar job, in this time and age, isn’t enough to survive anymore and so people should start working with both their intelligence and skills. Finally, we are all born with an extra something special that should be shared with the world, it is very important that we know our gifts and begin to utilize it for the good of mankind.

Remember the objective of the blog: Creating a world filled with intelligent, proactive youths who stand for peace, love, truth, equity, justice and I will add, Christ. This feature can be described as the practical approach to this objective.

I will end with the quote for the week: “Whatever you are doing, work at it with enthusiasm as to the Lord and not for people.” – Col. 3:23

Bible reading for today

God bless you,, good tidings!




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