Marriage from God’s perspective is the joining of man and woman to fulfill God’s purpose. It is a journey of two people to bring out God’s purpose for them. Marriage is the second most important decision a person makes after being born again, because it determines one’s future. Marriage is more than just physical selection of a life partner, it is a spiritual journey and if one bases their choice on the physical alone, mistakes will be made.
Remember the sons of Jesse when Samuel was looking for a new king to anoint after Saul (1Sam. 16: 1-13), Samuel thought that because the first six sons of Jesse were tall, masculine and all, they were God’s choice of king for Israel…but God thought otherwise. God was looking at the heart. It’s the same thing with us, looking at the physical features of a man or woman alone as our choice of partner will only lead to mistakes and heart ache. I have met people who from the story of Adam and Eve deduced that God wasn’t interested in marriage and if they were to advise anyone, they would ask that every individual shine their eyes properly while choosing a partner. I always ask which of the eyes, the spiritual or the physical? because truth is, the physical eyes is very limited in the things it could see and it is quite impossible to shine the spiritual eyes when a person is far from God and so that draws us back to God. Of course God is interested in marriage! Marriage depicts the relationship between Christ and the church. Therefore, such talks are mere misconceptions and they are untrue.
Let me also say this, even when God chooses for you, there are still principles in marriage and if they are not observed, the marriage will collapse.
Principle 1: Women submit to your husbands and men love your wives (Eph. 5:22-25). The woman is asked to submit everything to her husband, everything includes: her body, her money….everything she owns. For women who do not believe in giving their money as well to their husband…I have a question to ask: your body or your money, which is more important? If you could give your body, then why not your money? Because all they are saying to us is that they value money above their bodies and that is not supposed to be.
For the guys, you’re asked to love because it is very hard for a guy to love. In fact it takes the grace of God for a man to love and that’s why a man can conveniently shuffle women without feeling guilty or convicted…That’s why God is asking them to love their wives and a woman to submit, because it actually takes the grace of God to submit to a man for the rest of one’s life.
Principle 2: Forgive in advance. This applies to the both of you. Like they say, it’s one you love that hurts you the most. So forgive even before anything wrong happens, that way the impact isn’t so felt.
Principle 3: Be your spouse’s friend. It’s strange how some people can’t gist with their spouse. Before anything, ensure that your spouse is your friend. That makes communication easier and communication is very important in marriage. So you guys should talk; talk about everything and anything. Talk and talk a lot.
Marriage is meant to make the both of you better. Once you’re married, you seize to exist as two but become one. A very simple analogy, think of marriage as a triangle; the bases represent the man and woman, the apex is God. As they move closer to God, they invariably become closer; because if you love God and you know hurting your spouse will hurt God, you won’t want to hurt your spouse and so invariably, you both become really close.

I will conclude with this: Love your spouse just as you love yourself.

God bless you.


Mrs. Ayobola Charles is married to a wonderful man. They are blessed with a beautiful daughter. She’s a girl PHD student and a God-lover. She’s being working in the teen’s ministry of Foursquare gospel church since 2008.


6 thoughts on “God’s Intention For Marriage – By Mrs. Ayobola Charles

  1. Very beautiful piece! I hope many marriage aspirers will take your very inspiring advise, which the experience of many older people confirm. Well done Ayo bola, & wish everyone success with marriage.

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