When the time is right,

it is my prayer you choose the right one.

A man worthy of you,

A man that loves you and will love you till his final breath

Who will cherish you and keep cherishing you till the day he dies...

When the time is right,

Please marry your friend.

Someone you can talk to, cry to, whine to...

Someone you can laugh with, gossip with, fight with...

Please marry someone you can bare your soul to

and not ever be scared of being judged or criticized...

When the time is right,

Marry the one you love.

The one you can't get tired of seeing

even when he hurts you or annoys you,

When the time is right,

marry a fellow soldier in Christ

someone who would hold your hands and pray with you

someone who would seek God's face and hear God's voice

before making any decision

someone who above all, desires God's presence in your home

and will put God first and teach the entire family God's way

Marry a man that wouldn't compromise his faith for life's cheap offerings

Marry a man that would keep leading you to the Throne of Grace everyday.

When the time is right,

when you're ready,

marry someone that would be patient with you,

that would correct you in love,

that would stand by you and support you and respect you...

marry a man that can read you, 

that understands you and you understand....

Because marriage is interesting, 

marriage is fun,

marriage is wonderful,

marriage is enjoyable,

when you marry right

when the time is right...


 Ann Nwabuoku





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