Why marriage?

Every youth I know of (or most anyway) has asked me this question after telling them the theme for July was “Yes I Do” – Marriage talk. I was actually bothered. At some point I began to think to myself, “Maybe we actually don’t need this now, I mean when we get to that bridge, we would happily cross it…” But I was wrong! Now is the time to talk about marriage…

I don’t know what the exact statistics are, but divorce is quite a household name in our time and age. Alot of people are unmarried while married and so many young people walk around with the impression that marriage is a prison sentence; I once thought so too (LOL). When I sat down to really think about it, I realized that as humans, we had long ago derailed from God’s original plans for us. Marriage was never meant to cage a person, marriage wasn’t established as the solution to somebody’s financial distress, marriage was certainly not created to secure wealth and name or to legalize domestic violence…and the funny part is, more than our pursuit for a profession, marriage is quite longer in duration – lots of people say it’s for a lifetime and so does the bible (which is our standard for living)

So marriage it is!

Don’t worry, I am very well aware of the fact that I am ill-equipped to talk on marriage, giving the fact that I am happily physically single, I will be interviewing married people which makes it even juicer…hearing from the horse’s mouth directly! So different married people will be talking to us on the meaning of marriage, importance of marriage, why God created marriage and so on…. This is what the timetable looks like:



It promises to be a fun month. I am looking forward to having fun. Please tune in and be open-minded; you never know that right word that would change your future forever.

God bless you!



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