Happy New Month and welcome to July. Thank you so much for being a wonderful reader and contributor in the month of June, I hope you learned something new like I did and at the same time had fun reading the thoughts of others???
July is a wonderful month. Relationship talk still continues, but I would be adding a new aspect to it and that will be…MARRIAGE! Like they say it is beautiful to be married (well, when it’s the right person and for the right reasons) and when we talk about Godly relationships, it is mandatory that we talk about marriage too… I urge you to sit back and read on! Again, do not just read for reading sake, but read to learn and read to pass on the information you get to others. I’m also looking forward to hearing from you, you can leave a comment here or reach me at thatkennyandrew@gmail.com.
July is going be a great month! Question is: are you ready for it?


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