For me it is simple, she has to be transparent as much as possible, that means sincerity because if she isn’t sincere enough, I wouldn’t like that.

Is relationship important?

Yes it is. Is it compulsory? No it’s not. But if you find yourself in one, do the right thing; find a good thing, for he who finds a companion, a wife, has found a good thing. The key word if find.

Loving someone is worth the risk

If loving someone is worth the risk, then call me a risk-taker, because it will take all the risk and I mean all the risk.

Dating till you find “Miss Right”

I think we have gotten it all wrong somewhere. There are expressions words cannot generally describe, so I wouldn’t use the word date/courting or any other word. Coming from the bride (church) and Christ’s angle, Christ isn’t married to us yet, but He says he loves us. So it’s simple, find someone, have a loving relationship, get married, continue with your loving relationship. There’s more to this though, but let me summarize.

Greatest fear in a relationship

I would speak for myself, Insincerity.

Potential girlfriends from potential wives – the difference

Let’s make this clear and simple: I see you, I find you, I tell you, you already know maybe, we start a relationship, we get married and continue. Whatever happens to us in between is beautiful already. Differentiating wouldn’t be hard for me, I am not of myself anymore! I am just a steward, therefore differentiating wouldn’t be hard.

Ready to be in a relationship

I will know when He tells me; He has given us the Holy Spirit. He knows the end from the very beginning. He knows what is best for me.

Distant relationship

I don’t mind as long as it’s a clear direction

Solution to relationship’s problem

Communication basically, trusting each other as He trusts us.

Where is God in all of this?

God is supreme and not just in my finances, but in everything.

God’s thoughts about dating/courting

He is in love with those who show love to others. I tell you, He has seen who is best for you and he will only suggest to you. It’s all left for you to choose. My advice to you is that you listen and choose.

Let Love Live (LLL). “If God has chosen A for B and B marries C, hasn’t the chain broken already since C was meant to marry D?” chill and listen! The foolishness of God is wiser than the wisest man’s. Leave logic!

6tag-1485448503-1220403954621792381_1485448503(1)   Seun Adewummi



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