1. Unfaithfulness
  2. A stubborn lady/ doesn’t take to corrections
  3. Self-centeredness
  4. Frivolous spending
  5. Ladies that misinterpret roles


  1. It speaks very little of her and it will make me hate her. I will move from jealousy to hatred…and that’s not a cool thing.
  2. I do not like a dummy o and I’m not saying she should do all I say, but when I obviously have a better opinion/idea about something and she’s too adamant to acknowledge it; not once, not twice…NO! Very annoying!
  3. It makes it seem like she is more important in the relationship than I am and this affects the decisions I make and my reactions to things in the relationship. Overall, my actions become insincere.
  4. This does not allow me plan the way I spend my money and I like to plan how I spend. At the end of the day, I will just be an unhappy man when I have to spend recklessly because of her.
  5. It’s suffocating when the lady calls all the shot. I’m like, “Calm down, I’m the guy here! It’s a ‘we’ thing and not an ‘I’ thing or a ‘You’ thing…” A lady should understand her role and play it and leave me to play mine.


wp_ss_20160616_0002Olasubomi Onakoya


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