Okay peeps, I am to write my top 5 turn offs i.e relationship shattering/wrecking No-Nos:

  1. Macho-ism or do I say Dictatorship? Hello!! This is the 21st century and a democratic nation we live in! Last I checked, a guy who so wants to be in my every business in a so bossy, so macho way is a great turn off for me. I love my independence, remember Ne-Yo! And I also love to be a woman about my independence; i.e – I love my space! I quote Tori Kelly, Dear No one. I just can’t stand a guy who snubs his way into my business. Yea, tongues wagging already! I do not mean I am secretive, although I am private…all I am saying is I love it when a guy asks for my agenda in a ” padi” kind of way and not with an “uncle-bros” attitude.. You are my guy not my Police!!!
  2. Traditionality: this is my coined term for men who are so “African” about things. I am not a black who is racial but, when I say African about things, I mean guys who are so “I think this is best for us” and goes ahead to do it without hearing out my opinion on what is supposedly “best for us”. Sorry, last I checked “Us” meant you and I, not just you. I am so not crazy about him making it a must-to-do-what-I-feel-should-be-done about-us, but I am soooo crazy about being heard out first. Yes sir, love a leader not a tyrant.
  3. Dirty habits: Gross!! I am a keen lover of etiquette. I love good manners because I believe that is you acting out ‘I love and care about you’. My golden rule for bad mannered guys making a go at me is “DON’T” with finger raised. Picking of teeth in an irritating manner, picking of your nose, talking with your mouth stuffed with food and above all, the ‘spit-talkers’. Ewww!! No-No! Gbam!
  4. Uncertainty: This is too much a mental stress for me and I do not like stress of any kind, shape, or shade. If you are not sure I am ” it” please move your hips from my doormot. It is a great turn off for me when a guy still feels indecisive about if ” it” is real.. My “meme ministry” gats levels, just so you know! I don’t do such at all. I epically cut you off and take a stroll…

5.) Bad syntax or phonetics: English is a second language and not our Mother Tongue. Yes, I am not oblivious to that fact, but it is still a language like our Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo etc. I am an English student who is still learning to be proficient like the Mother Tongue speakers (you can ask my Pepper) but in capitals. BUT, you do not speak the English of Jenifa or Falz( the comedian) and expect us to have a future…mba! Not ever happening!

N.B: these are possible relationship hurricane or quake triggers for me; not sidelining or trivializing the place of my sweetheart (The Holy Spirit). Above all, I repeat ABOVE ALL, He is the greatest indicator and sure banker for me to break off a relationship. I don’t DO when He says DON’T. I love myself too much to misbehave😉. No threats from Him though.

Sign out!





15 thoughts on “Metonde

  1. Me I like this one, I so feel like coping part of it to mine.. Esp her 1,3,4 and NB. Kene dear.. *winking 😉 *

  2. Wao. Lovely! Some African guys just don’t attempt to do some things to show care in the name of “I am African”.

  3. Wao. Nice! Some African men just don’t do somethings to show their love totally… cos they feel “I am African”. It’s so funny that even some educated guys have this shallow mindset too!

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