1. Rudeness: Since I am the kind of person that respects people a lot, seeing a lady that does the opposite makes me bitter and also leaves me wondering how far she will go in life as regards associating with people. We all need help from someone and ‘Miss Rude’ might not know that the person she was just rude to, might be her knight in shining armour…
  2. Malice: I try to avoid keeping malice in my associations with people, I always find a way to reconcile differences and move on. I have found out that ladies who enjoy keeping malice do not keep relationships, so I avoid such ladies. Although, it doesn’t mean I will hesitate to talk with such a lady if situation arises.
  3. Pride: I think it’s natural for a lady to be ‘proud’, but when her pride has gotten to another level such that, not just anyone can talk to her, then I keep distance and the bible also warns that pride goes before destruction…I don’t think I want to be associated with someone on her way to destruction.
  4. Jealousy: jealousy in the sense that she begrudges other people’s success, making snide comments about others that she perceives as better than her…like some of my female friends will say, “Is it your business? Is it your success?” ladies with this quality gat me running fast
  5. Lies: There are some lies ladies tell that we’ve come to see as natural e.g “I will join in five minutes,” and then she shows up twenty minutes later…that’s not a problem. But when she lies about things like her age, status… etc. I will run away! It simply means, you can’t be trusted.

N.b There are still more, but these are major. So any lady who has a secret crush on me but has one of the above listed attributes should please change in order to get my attention *smiley*.




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