Playing it Cool' review_ Superheroes can't save s


  1. Bad breath and body odor: You see a lady with a general appearance that looks good and she seems like someone you will get to know better, so you approach her and her first “Hello” gat you running fast because her mouth stinks or the smell coming form her body isn’t pleasant…bad breath or B.O (body odor) is a very quick turn off.
  2. A bossy lady: I like confident ladies and outspoken ladies, yes. But when the confidence is on the excess and she becomes uncontrollable, I lose interest.
  3. Noise maker: I don’t find noisy ladies attractive at all. I am the quiet type and I like a lady compliments me, but when she’s the loudest in every gathering, talking always and non-stop…I back off!
  4. Dirty ladies: when I mean dirty, I mean ladies who do not take care of themselves, hair always messy and rough, litters the whole place with their belongings, not mindful of their environment or outlook…I can’t stand these kinds at all.
  5. Dependent ladies: I sit with ladies sometimes and I hear them talk about how they want to a rich guy with fancy car and a big house as their fiancé or husband. This gets me really angry! I like ladies that stand on their own, who do not depend on a guy or anyone at all to survive. I like women who want to improve themselves and not wait for a guy to make them better.


Tobi Alowonle



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