Is relationship in the University advisable? Who should be involved? 


In our present age, the course of study in the University spans between late teenage-hood to early adulthood (with little exception to the norm) and this has led to an increase in the level of attraction between opposite sex. Bearing this in mind, Is relationship in the University advisable? In my opinion, I will say it is RELATIVE and quite dependent on the points listed below:

For the guy

  1. A man who knows who he is- (It is not good for a man to be alone – Genesis 2:18). But who is this man God was referring to?  Firstly, understand that age does not define a man, because physiological development or financial adequacy does not equate relationship/marital competence. So who was God referring to? He was referring to the man who has an identity, i.e he knows who he is. Let us therefore make man in our image (identity) after our likeness (function). Fact is, you can’t act different from who you think you are (Gen 1:27).
  2. A man who knows where he is going – that is a man who knows his assignment on the earth (Gen2:15).  If you don’t know where you are going you can’t take someone else anywhere. Relationship is a journey, the boy today will become the husband tomorrow…

These amongst other things, do I consider to be the foundation of a solid relationship, and If the foundation be destroyed… hmmm.

A quick food for thought: Nothing happened when eve ate the apple until Adam did, everything changed!

The lady is not left out. The above listed points also applies to the female. Proverbs 18:22: he who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord.  The scripture talks about finding a wife before marrying her, therefore wedding or age does not define a wife; attitude and character does (Boaz found Ruth at work, and his servant could testify of her…)

When these fundamentals are not on ground, alongside important factors such as: emotional stability, compatibility, attraction… etc. heartbreak and mistakes becomes inevitable.

Quick reminder, compatibility without attractions is friendship, attractions without compatibility is lust…(to be contd next week Friday).

IMG-20160608-WA0003 Nerry Collins



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