1. Behavior : she must be of good behavior, be a cool headed girl, know when to get angry and when not to, not someone that is easily provoked or hold grudges. Also eh, she shouldn’t eat irrationally, and must maintain a regular exercise to ensure fitness.


  1. Lack of respect: a lady ought to be respectful, not a girl that can almost push-down an elderly person while greeting and yeah, she should have utmost respect for my sibling (my siblings!!!.. don’t joke with family)


  1. Laziness : a wise man once said a lazy person achieves less or almost nothing. Among other things, she has to be hard-working not working herself to fatigue ooo (LOL). She should be able to cook, I like food so when she can’t cook, my interest in her reduces. But thank God 80% of Nigerian girls can cook; at least the once I know.


4 . Indecisiveness : being indecisive, doesn’t take anyone any where .. she should know what she wants and be outspoken in a polite manner when her expectations aint met


  1. SHE MUST NOT BE A NAG: talking unnecessary and aimlessly doesn’t say well about me having her as a friend. She must be understanding.

Above all, although not numbered but it is very KEY, she must have a LOVING HEART…

If I find a girl with these Virtues. …Eh na marriage be dat ooo cos what else can I ask from her?



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