Still considering the topic at hand, Problems In A Relationship, I decided to conduct a street interview where I talked to friends and people at random on the things that would most likely make them end a relationship and why. I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I started with myself, LOL and was quite surprised when I found the question a little difficult to answer. Anyway, here is my interview beneath, I will be posting subsequent interviews as received.

Enjoy thyself, but take note and learn something! Peace!



In no particular order:

  1. Dirty – I just can’t tolerate a dirty guy at all, makes me nauseous.
  2. Not telling me things – I can bear a lot of things, but this I can’t stand and I can’t stand at all. I hate being in the dark on things, both important and unimportant, I love to know. That doesn’t mean I am nosy. But if I love you and we are close and I happen to find out that you were hoarding info from me, heaven help you! And me too! And let’s leave it at that.
  3. PDA – Oh Jesus, I detest this – public display of affection. I am quite fierce when it comes to my privacy. I’m not saying my hands shouldn’t be held in public or I shouldn’t be hugged in public, but if it’s a big thing like a marriage proposal and he decides to invite the world like they do in all those wedding videos and pictures, be sure I would be pissed.
  4. Boring – in general, I can’t really stand boring people because I can’t hide it.
  5. Inability to speak well – Wow! In a very quick summary, I am always super pissed when educated people can’t speak well. There is always this struggle not to be judgemental and to listen to whatever needs to be said…Having to live with this kind of unnecessary trouble, in my opinion, is just stressful. I want to be corrected and improved upon, I like hearing new words; they make me happy and challenge me; not the other way round. Plus, I just get angry for no reason when people can’t speak well for no tangible reason.

                                   326406a6-8d83-42f9-aa45-aaf77d768cc3_jpeg Kene


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