Falling in love is part of life and also part of what makes every human being a human. Love is an important emotion for mankind; in fact, every single action of man is based on the presence or absence of love. No persons on earth has ever existed without loving, liking or crushing on someone. There is attraction and chemistry and charges and pull and the list goes on, that exists between a male and female and at a certain stage, everyone experiences their fair dose of this tingly sensation. Having ‘feelings’ for someone isn’t a sin or a crime, what is done with those ‘feelings’ is what qualifies as sin, or not-sin…

Hope In The Hills _ Real Love _ Hope In The Hills

I noticed that, in at least 75% relationships cases, breakup is due to the inability of both partners to reconcile their differences simply because they were not emotionally prepared to deal with each other’s baggage. Life is no fairy tale and no relationship with ‘happily ever after’ as the goal, comes cheap. Just two weeks ago, I sat and listened to a marriage counsellor talk on a good relationship and part of what I understood was, no relationship is devoid of problems. As long as you’re dating a human being and not a heavenly being or an animal or a thing, be ready to deal with crap and if you truly love that person, be ready to make it work for the both of you; everyday, everytime.

So yes, every relationship has its ups and its downs. I was led to talk about relationship from the problematic side because somehow I was made to understand that most people say the proverbial ‘Yes’ forgetting that the other person isn’t in the least bit perfect and has a life that doesn’t revolve around them, so when issues begin to surface after some time, they are taking unawares and most often than not, run off scared and scarred.

God who made man and woman did not make them for heartbreaks, an alarming list of break-ups or divorce papers. On the contrary, God is love and we are expected to be love and to enjoy love with both God and man.

With the help of Seun Adewummi and Amuta Jemima and a couple of many friends, we will be thrashing out the issue of all the things that could possible go wrong in a relationship and how they can be handled the God-way. I am looking forward to a fun-filled month. I am very much open to learn something new and teach something new. I implore you to do same: learn, give, love. And I very much look forward to hearing from you!




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