Today, a new day is birthed, 

The rising of the sun feted

Like the joy of a mother 

Who gets her baby’s first bother. 

Welcome, to the dawn.


Today, a new idea is birthed, 

Hearts stimulated, 

A new territory now charted, 

Paths for giant strides parted. 

Here comes a dawn!


Today, off my eyes fall scales, 

To see I towed a path unfit, 

That I might again set my ways

On a ground for me divinely fit. 

A new dawn, here it comes!


Today, an opportunity is lost. 

All hope seems gone. 

Every attempt, a shot in the dark it seems

Light at the end of the tunnel beams

For a new dawn is about to surface.


Today, a crashing relationship, 

Even a hopeless marriage, 

Can stand time’s test 

With love and faith. 

Just believe, a new dawn lies in wait.


Tempted to throw in the towel? 

Life seems so cloudy, no sign of silver shining? 

There is wind for your sails! 

Believe and Rise! It’s all you need

For your life…a life of dawn!


Written by:

Olawehinmi Taiwo Dorcas (A.K.A Teewoh), Christian and first child of four children, hails from Ondo state, resides in Lagos and currently a 300 level student of the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Ibadan. She’s a public speaker, belongs to Better Nigeria Initiative (BNI), owner of DOT BEADS&ACCESSORIES and reads news at her school’s community radio station, Diamond 101.1FM. She is a God-lover, people-lover and loves to make positive things happen. Quite enthusiastic about life she is, doesn’t savor mediocrity and desires to live, manifesting all her potentials.


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