Happy new month!!!!

How are we all doing? Hope we enjoyed the April series on forgiveness and the exciting interview with Esosa and Desola. I’m sorry if I seemed aloof this past few weeks, I have indeed been aloof; busy with school and generally lazy to blog. Please forgive me.

It’s May!!!! A wonderful month indeed, a big shout-out to the May borns and all the children in the world…May 27th used to be one of my favorite days in the year because of the certainty of eating ‘party jollof rice and drinking fanta’ (*smiles*). This month however, we will be taking a break from blogging. Sad right? I know (*crying*) May happens to be exam month in school and I will be more aloof, very much distracted than before.

That doesn’t mean, I won’t post things though, just not as regularly as I do. You can definitely send in your articles to thatkennyandrew.wordpress.com or leave a post on our Facebook page @kennyandrew.wordpress.com. Receiving write-ups makes my day!

Alright, I wish you a fun-filled month ahead…Do not forget the lessons learnt on guilt and forgiveness. Be good and don’t miss me much…

Word for the week: Do not let a day go by without chatting with God.

Much love,




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