Hello and good morning.

One early morning in February, after my talk with God, I was given this topic, Healing and Forgiveness as the theme for the month of March. As at that time, and even up until recently, I wasn’t sure what to do with the theme and how to go about it…But, on Thursday, while the sermon was going on, the Holy spirit began to whisper how this was going to run and what exactly I’m to do. Here goes:

  1. God does not condemn you. He does not judge you either. As long as you have given your life over to Jesus, He sees you as righteous.
  2. You’re the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. He isn’t stuck on your mistakes, He has forgiven you just as He said He will.
  3.  He loves you. Despite your good, despite your bad; in your imperfection, He is madly in love with all of you, not just a part.
  4. He cares for you. And that is why He wants you to let it go – all the hurt and hate and pain – He wants you to heal.

5. Let go of the hurt caused by that person and let yourself heal and live.

So, here is how March and April is going to run starting from next week, I am going to be putting up bible quotes, stories and discussions on the theme and we would talk about it. You can send in your contributions, stories, story of a friend or whatever it is that you’ve been holding on to that wouldn’t let you have peace. Lay it all out and open and with the help of the Holy spirit and brothers and sisters in Christ, we will address the issue with words of encouragement and prayers for you on the comment section of your post. You can send in your post to thatkennyandrew@gmail.com or on twitter @thatkennyandrew. For the sake of privacy, your post will gladly end as anonymous.

Remember, God loves you!

Happy Weekend.


2 thoughts on “Forgive and Heal

  1. What a theme! ‘Healing and Forgive’. To be (free from pain, sickness, sorrow, sadness and others that put you in bondage) healed, you MUST forgive. My fellow lovers of Christ, forgiveness brings instant and automatic healing. Remember Christ said ‘pray for your enemies’… He (Jesus) is truely the wisdom of God. Keep checking as we SEARCH THE SCRIPTURE each one of us have in our hands with the help and power of the Holy Spirit in us. Peace!

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