Hi and happy weekend! Remember, the last time I shared my greatest fear here and what really scares me. Well, this week I got talking with Ajose Michael Sonayon, a good friend of mine I must add and sorta-kinda made him share with us his opinion on the topic. Here is what he had to say about his greatest and fear in general. ENjoy!



Here is the truth about fear, it only occurs in thoughts about the future; you know, things like: “What if the Bogey man (ojuju) finds me?” “What if that rat bites me?”(that would mean LASSA fever) “What if the school’s generator fails to start tomorrow, now that electricity is in coma?” (*chills* let’s not think about that!). By the way, I am no longer afraid of the Bogey man. Hmmm, the rat fear is obviously because of LASSA fever and well, the generator fear…now that’s been on my mind for a while; hopefully it doesn’t happen (LOL).

Point is, fear is not real. it is an illusion. You never fear once you start doing something, you never fear once you start writing the answers to an exam question; you however fear before or after the exam. Fear is not found in the present – if only humans can put their minds in the present (*sighs*). But then again, we are just humans and our faiths are bound to be shaken, our strong will may bend, we are bound to make wrong decisions, we trip, we fall, we cry…and in the midst of all these, we still find hope, we wipe those the tears away, we rise, we learn from our mistakes, we build a stronger will and a stronger faith.

Being human means fear is inevitable – it is part of what makes us who we are. But we can overcome our fears of future failures if we put our minds in the present. How? By living each day at a time. Forget about tomorrow, the bible even tells us that it will sort itself out (Matt.6:25-34). The best part is that as time passes by, tomorrow becomes today!

I’m not saying you shouldn’t fear or have no fear; although that’s what the Bible says and I don’t think it literally means that, but in the midst of our fears, we should find that faith even though little as a mustard seed. A faith even so little but can move mountains.

So, I’ll end with this: Hold on. Believe in you and live each day at a time.


Ajose Michael Sonayon is a 400 level Radiography student of the College of Medicine, University of Lagos. You can reach him @ 


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