Fear not death scribbled judgement on thee

still fear not illness dote on your life,

but to cherish life in thee- sweet heavenly fire

in providence God’s commands are your delight at all dawn, dusk to sire


fear not the raging temper of sunny call

that wasteth many a labour done by mortal hands,

but to entrust all care of what reap shall sprung forth

be it little or much, give all praise to the Lord


fear not the hour man knows not

the hooting sound of  eternity clarion call

whence upon it shall be all light in wisdom

for earth and her peerage to understand

that life is but a vanity trade and a timing bell


fear not the casting away of your gathered reaps

by life wasting feeble hands, but to trust in He

who has all power to take away and give

then worries in the pedestal of your heart

shall have no stand


fear not age wasting your youthful glory

to a transition of dim shining beam

and never think to ponder on what gain the earth can give

dust, upon dust, shall we leave all wealth

behind to rust,


but to count the shining stars in your evening

and to sing gladly the hymns of melodious theme

fear not fear, the thief of hope,

but all thy cares to the Lord, entrust and enjoy life’s show.


J.Emmy is a  400 level student at the college of medicine, University of Lagos. He loves creative writing and reflective thinking and also writes lovely poems. You can contact him on his mobile; +2349033269769.


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