Good morning!

I would love to apologize for last week and this week posts, I was so very busy. So, still in the Fear Not series, just yesterday after another Radiographic Technique class, I was a little bit moody. I was really scared, really worried about a whole lot of stuffs and my future had plenty to do with it and I was beginning to get stressed out – headaches, lots of pain, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t concentrate on anything…Firstly, I got myself bread and sardine and malt and icecream and began to stress eat.Then, I don’t know how it happened, I picked up my bible and started to search for worried about the future prayers and I can remember sleeping on Isaiah 60, then waking up and reading something intensely beautiful and promising  as that passage and Jeremiah 29:11 just came to mind, another of God’s word.

God will always take care of me, that was the reply he passed across. Now I’m saying it to you, GOD WILL ALWAYS TAKE CARE OF YOU. So, once again, FEAR NOT!

God bless!


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