There are so many things I love about February. One, it’s my birthday month and I know some pretty awesome people born in February. Two, it is the month I have decided to re-brand this blog officially (as you would notice as time goes on) into a Christian blog. Three, to so many people it is the month of love – whatever kind of love: Philia, eros, storge, agape…..February is that month to express love.

This year’s February however, on Scribbles&Scrawl, February is going to be our ‘Fear Not’ month. Whatever it is that you’ve been scared to do, afraid to take the next step, talk to someone, change….whatever it is, February is the month with the theme: FEAR NOT.

I will be posting at least twice a week and maximum of three times a week, so whenever you stop by, there is something new for you to read. Feel free to contact me and whip my ass if I miss a post at nwabuokuekene@ymail.com or @brownkene on twitter and instagram. And of course you can also contact me to show me love, leave a suggestion, contribution or pointer. I will also appreciate it if you share words about the blog to friends, family and foes…

Alright, I’ve said enough, introduced the theme…let the Fear Not series begin!!!!


Welcome to February and much love!

Yours always,



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