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You love money. You love money very very much. As long as there is jingling of coins and fattening of wallet, you are ready to walk to the ends of the earth and back. Just for money, you would say the forbidden and do the abominable. Ha! For money, what wouldn’t you give up? Who will you not sell? What will you not give? The world knows you, the entire universe knows you as the true definition of a money-lover; For you walk the earth, head held high and shoulders raised as the only money-lover that ever existed.

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I laugh and I laugh hard and long. For I cannot count the mouths you feed. The ones you feed out of sympathy and necessity are barely a handful, but the number of mouths you maintain closed – the ones whose lips should never spill your deeds – they outnumber the stars of heaven. But you can’t see what I see because all you see is your akpa-ego, your big big bags of money. You can never realize how long the lines on your forehead are, neither can you see the huge balls under your eyes nor can you recognize the redness of your own eyeball. Why? Because all you see is your akpa-ego, your big big bags of money and nothing else.

“Such misfortune,” the elders of our community say, “Wealth hoarded by its owner is to his own misery.”

But you don’t agree and I don’t blame you, because you’re blinded by your numerous akpa-ego; you’re comforted by the sights of your trailer-load, you’re assured of the rightness of everything. Until the coin is flipped over and the tables turned; even then you don’t see the glaring pit till you’re leg, hand and head inside the pit.  That is when you realize that the proverbial breeze has blown open your dirty yansh; when the stench begins to attract unnecessary flies to perch on your faeces.

Even then, you still don’t learn. You don’t listen to me, you don’t listen to the elders. We all tell you to take a graceful bow, carry the remnant of your cookie jar and lay low forever. But you don’t listen because you never listen and you try to flip the coin over in your favor once again. But like the elders say, “For everything, there is a time and season. A time to be born and a time to die. A time to laugh and a time to weep. A time to gather stones and a time to throw away stones. A time to search and a time to give up something as a lost.”

I watch vultures eat up what is left of your akpa-ego. I watch them, ndi police, place a restraining order on your movement. I watch them banish you from civilization to a cold dark room with a bed, a toilet, one window and three room mates. I watch your angry face, every day, slowly begin to fade into deep sadness.

Then one morning we all wake to your cold lifeless form and ndi police puts you six-feet under the earth immediately. That is how you fade away from the minds of men, all your hustle enjoyed by people who didn’t see you hustle. Indeed, the elders are right. They are right when they say,

“If you love money and wealth, you will never be satisfied with you have.”

Ecc. 5: 10-15

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2 thoughts on “AKPA-EGO

  1. Beautiful….love for money can be as a veil over the face, all u see are your thoughts….ofcourse…filled with akpa – ego….

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