Hello and welcome to another post from the book: Think Your Way To Wealth by Napoleon Hill. I will be completing chapter 2: THE MASTER MIND and then we can move on to chapter 3. I will like to apologize for the delay in posting, I was terribly stuck with school work and personal issues that needed to be sorted out. So I’m back, I’m ready, let’s begin:



  1. Definiteness of purpose – We’ve discussed this earlier. The starting point of all achievement is definite knowledge of what one wants.
  2. Choosing members for a master mind group – Every person with whom an individual allies himself, under the master mind principle, should be in complete sympathy with the object of the alliance (i.e he/she must go with it) and must be able to contribute something definite towards the attainment of that object; which could be in form of experience, education, contacts etc.
  3. Motive – The motive maybe financial reward or it may consist of some form of return favor, but it must be something of equal value to or greater than the service expected. This fact is emphasized as: A man who tries to build a master mind alliance without determining that every member of his alliance profits in proportion to his value in the alliance, is doomed to certain failure.
  4. There must be complete harmony among all members of a master mind alliance for success to be insured. There must not be any form of disloyalties on the part of any member of the group.
  5. Action – The master mind group must become and remain active to be effective. It must be based on a definite plan, at a definite time, towards a definite end.

Success calls for a definite, well organized and continuous work. Nothing is yet to be invented to replace work.

The group leader has a role to play also:

a. He must lead

b. As far as work is concerned, he should be the first to arrive at the place of work and the last to leave.

c. He should set a good example by doing as much or more work than his surbordinate.

The singular factor, however, that determines the success or failure of a master mind alliance is the Mental Attitude.

In building a successful Master Mind alliance, team work and confidential relationship are important. There must be a good confidential relationship amongst members of a master mind group. The purpose of the alliance should never be discussed outside the ranks of the members unless the object of the alliance is that of performing some public services.

A backup plan with a continuous effort is very key and the most important part of which is the sort of effort that is applied in relationship with other people.

Finally, an educational alliance is important. No man’s education ever is finished. The man whose definite purpose in life is of noteworthy proportions must continue to be a student and he must learn from every possible source; especially sources from which he can gather specialized knowledge and experience related to his major purpose. He must read and learn important facts concerning his chosen work. His reading diet must also be carefully chosen. Outside reading, by a careful choice, a man may ally himself with men from whom he can acquire a liberal education through ordinary conversation. Business and professional clubs provides such opportunities. Friends are also important too to go through life successfully. They serve as contacts one acquires over time.

Remember: A man, a discriminating man with a definite major purpose in life will prove his wisdom if he forms close friendships only with those who can be, and are willing to be, mutually beneficial to him. The others he will tactfully avoid.

The man with a constructive purpose in life will never envy his superiors. He will study their methods and appropriate their knowledge instead.

Good Tidings!

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