Today on Making Money Staying Wealthy, we will be discussing the second chapter of the book: Think Your Way To Wealth by Napoleon Hills. A book which is a sort of interview between Napoleon Hills, a writer/reporter and Mr. Carnegie, a business magnate. Since chapter two is a bit more vast than chapter one (Definiteness of Purpose: Here), I will divide it into series A&B. Series B will posted around this time next week. Alright, let’s get into the business of the day:



This is an alliance of two or more minds, working together in the spirit of perfect harmony for the attainment of a definite purpose.

Mr. Carnegie makes it quite clear that for a person’s goal to be proportions above mediocrity, it is important to relate oneself with members of his/her master mind alliance. Before any alliance of men can constitute a master mind, every man in the group must have his heart as well as his head in full sympathy with the object of alliance. He/she must be in perfect harmony with the leader and every other member of the alliance. According to Mr. Carnegie, it is impossible for a person to become great in his field of endeavor without the aid of this second principle. He states and I agree, that no single mind is complete and that richness of the mind, in the fullest sense, comes from harmonious alliance of two or more minds working together towards the achievement of some definite purpose.

At the very beginning of a master mind alliance, the leader must select men who have the ability to do what is required of them and who will respond in a spirit of harmony to the particular motive held out to them.

Here are nine motives, some combination of which creates the “moving spirit” back of what we do:

  1. Emotions of love (gateway to one’ spiritual power)
  2. Emotions of sex (which while purely biological, may serve as a powerful stimulant to action when transmuted)
  3. Desire for financial gain
  4. Desire for self- preservation
  5. Desire for freedom of body and mind
  6. Desire for self-expression leading to fame and recognition
  7. Desire for perpetuation of life after death
  8. Emotion of anger (often expressed as envy or jealousy)
  9. Emotion of fear

The leader of a successful master mind alliance must depend on one or more of these basic motives to induce each member of his group to give the harmonious cooperation required for success. However, the two motives to which men respond most generously in business alliances are the emotion of sex and the desire for financial gain. Most men want money more than any other thing. So, the motivating force for most men is three-fold: LOVE, SEX AND FINANCIAL GAIN.

In conclusion, choosing member of a group, the mental attitude of a person towards himself and his associates goes a long way. A negative person is inclined to become selfish, egotistical or adversely provocative in his relationship with others. Also never forget, harmony and co-operative effort is very very key in a Master mind alliance.



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