According to the scriptures, there are four categories of people in the world:
- The ignorant
- The shallow-rooted
- The frivolous 
- The good
The Ignorant, they are likened to seeds that fall by the wayside. He that knows not and he that knows and do not understands are one and the same. For the same fate befalls them - they are tossed around by the world and blown with the wind, emptied of every form of knowledge, incapable of surviving.
The one that knows and understands but still gets knocked out at the arrival of challenges, it is he that cannot endure hardship. He is the shallow-rooted man. He would be offended when asked to defend that which he believes in. He is the man whose heart is made of stone; incapable of retaining anything or producing anything.
The frivolous are everywhere! They are carried away by riches and cares, fame and fortune. He knows, he understands, he is deep-rooted but his heart is filled with thorns. Thorns that choke the word and life away, rendering him, or her, fruitless and barren.
Then of course, there are the ones who get it right. These ones are very rare. They are the good seeds! They know and they understand. They are deeply rooted and they are focused. These are the fruitful ones, whose lives showeth fruitfulness ! But they come in different levels: for some bear fruits in hundreds, others in sixties and others in thirties.
Where do I belong? Where do you belong? Is it possible for one man to fall in more than one category? I don't think so.

Do you?

From Matthew 13: 4-23

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