It's good to dream. I dream alot. I dream about big things and small things.I dream about the possible. I dream about the impossible. I love to dream.
When I dream, I'm a different person, a changed person, a distinct being. When I dream, I'm in a different world - a world I can control, a saner world; a peaceful world. When I dream, I'm filled with hope, with desire; with renewed strength to match on. When I dream, I soar!
Like an eagle, I soar; Up, up, up, without restrains or boundaries in my dream. My dreams are my escape tunnel, they shelter me, they comfort me. I am a minister, a doctor, a renowned writer or artist, a poet, in my dream. I am anything, I am everything, I am somebody, in my dream.
I dream because I can. I dream because I want to. I dream because I need to. I dream to hope. I hope to survive. I survive to exist. I exist to dream.
I love to dream.

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