I talked about reading books when I wrote the article When Change is Needed and the bible is one of such books I have vowed to read with renewed dedication and commitment. So I was reading Matthew and John today and some beautiful thoughts began to form in my head. Actually, it was more like an affirmation to an observation in the body of Christ; a disturbing observation I have finally come to conclude might be true.

I will start with Matthew 12: 1-15, a very beautiful story of Jesus and the Pharisees. From this passage, I was made to understand that the Pharisees weren’t much interested in the good Jesus was doing and the positive change he was introducing, they were more interested in eliminating him; destroying him and getting him out of their way. Their main problem with Jesus was in the fact that he stood in the way. His teachings didn’t conform with theirs, his ways were far different from theirs and worse, he could do things they couldn’t do. Jesus was a threat to them! The funny part actually is the fact they knew in their hearts that Jesus was from God, that he was the messiah they were expecting. But that didn’t stop them from devising evil, did it?

In John 16:1-15, Jesus was telling his disciples about a time, which would come, when people would kill and believe they were doing God service. He said something about these people not knowing God or knowing him. Then he went on to tell them about the Holy spirit and what he would do when he comes. By not knowing God or himself, I interpreted it as them not knowing God for who he was and not just what he did. So following my interpretation, I came to the conclusion that the Pharisees didn’t know God, so it was impossible for them to know or comprehend Jesus.

The Pharisees killed Jesus and thought they were doing God and the people of Israel a favor. Thank God for God and how he dumbfounded the Pharisees and all…but i would like to draw our attention to something, Jesus’s prophecy came to pass and from that time till now, little has changed in the attitude of God’s people and leaders. The coming of the Holy spirit brought about Christianity but in recent times, Christians have drifted so far away from God’s spirit that it is no surprise we are back to the Pharisees era of service.

The level of deception and craftiness in the body of Christ this days leave me wondering if there are still Christians in these world. In the body of Christ, there are liars, gossips, hypocrites, thieves, deceivers…it seems like the church is now a house for every form of evil with little regards for God or the things of God. Of recent times we hear of politics in church – no one is praying to appoint leaders anymore. We hear of profanity, adulterated doctrines and scandals involving the church that leaves everyone wondering if there really is a God. In my opinion, I would say the Pharisees were better in the sense that they had a modicum of sense to cover their evil deeds, Christians of today don’t even bother. And yes, many believe that they are rendering service to God by the obscene way they live and practice Christianity.

The most painful part, is the hypocritical nature and the level of pretense found in church. I personally have a special aversion to pretenses and so it sickens me to be faced with so much deceit in a ‘place of rest’. I don’t know how people do it, it baffles me how ‘christians’ manage to live double lives and still feign righteousness. Like the pharisees, I would say that Christians of today do not know God for themselves. They don’t even want to know Him, for they are more concerned with material posession, eliminating and destroying whoever stands in their way and profaning God. But, above my aversions and misgivings for the church of today, I am more scared at the high level decrease recorded in church growth, both physically and spiritually and I am also scared at the number of adulterated doctrines being taught.


We live in perilous times, the abnormal is now the normal, the world has lost its sanity and the street is filled with madness. It would be a great relieve if there is revival in the body of Christ, whereby Christians would wake up and begin to live up to their calling. Somehow Christ needs to be preached and propagated and only Christians can do that.

The word Christian means to be Christ-like, one question I have: Are there still Christians in the world?

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3 thoughts on “THE CHRISTIAN TODAY – Are There Still Christians?

  1. Hello there. First off, I’m grateful that you are a christian blogger, made me smile. Now I’m just gonna type just a few because there’s a lot to say. Straight up, I seek that you do what I once did- which is “Lord bring to me people in the faith too, people like me”. I did that when I wanted new friends that would push me in God. You are not allowed my dear to believe there are no more ‘christians’. We exist all over.

    1. Hi Tega, thanks so much for the encouraging words. I am starting to understand that there are indeed Christians who still love the Lord. Thanks for stopping by. God bless you.

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