Good morning. Let me start by saying a big thank you to all those who commented on facebook, whatsapp, twitter and on the blog, to Folake’s interview on the last episode of Making Money Staying Wealthy. I got a lot of interesting comments about that interview, some agreed with Folake and others did not. Either ways, I have decided not to post my own opinion on that issue. Our conscience should tell us what is good for us and bad for us.

Moving on to this week on Making Money Staying Wealthy, you will never believe what I ran into while holidaying with my aunt.  I found a book by Napoleon Hill: Think your way to Wealth. It is basically a conversation between Napoleon Hills, a reporter and Mr. Carnegie, a very wealthy business man in America in the early 90s. Mr. Hills interviews Mr. Carnegie to find out his secret to success and Mr. Carnegie walks him through his 17 principles to wealth. I would be sharing some or all of the beautiful things I’ve learnt while reading the book. Seat tight and let’s begin an adventure into wealth. HERE WE GO:




In order words, this simply means having a defined purpose in life; knowing that one thing you were made to do, that you want to do in life. Mr. Carnegie asked Napoleon to emphasize this principle greatly because this is the first step to making money. Realistically, you can’t generate fund from heaven or from hell or by sitting idle. Funds are generated by doing something and it is that something that should be defined according to your taste and personality.

Some key things in this chapter, however, got my attention. They include:

  • Let your definite purpose become your burning desire. Eat, sleep, dream, wake, walk around with your purpose. Let it drive you, think on it till it becomes an obsession.
  • Share your idea with people of like minds
  • Great successes are the result of understanding and use of a positive mental attitude. The latter part is very key.
  • Eliminate fear, doubt, negative thoughts and self-imposed limitations, rather let your mind be opened for the influx and guidance of infinite intelligence.
  • There is a good connection between giving and getting.
  • It is important to write down your purpose and read out it out loud, at least once a day.
  • Desire knowledge and the willingness to get it.
  • Inability to define purpose causes the habit called Drifting and this is fatal to success.

According to Mr. Carnegie, success is defined as the power with which to acquire whatever one’s demands of life without violating the rights of others. Personal power as defined in success, can therefore be subdivided into ten qualities called The 10-point Rule of Personal Power. They are:

  1. The habit of definiteness of purpose
  2. Promptness of decision
  3. Soundness of character (intentional honesty)
  4. Strict discipline over one’s emotion
  5. Obsessional desire to render useful service
  6. Thorough knowledge of one’s occupation
  7. Tolerance on all subject
  8. Loyalty to one’s personal associates and faith in a supreme being***
  9. Enduring thirst for knowledge
  10. Alertness of imagination

That’s where we are going to stop today on Wealth 101. If you have gained something, kindly drop a comment below stating what you’ve learnt and what you understood or didn’t understand. Kindly share also, to allow others see this. Thanks.



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