I was at  my aunt’s house last Friday to spend the weekend with them and I began to notice, as each day passed, that it was God’s way of taking me back to my root; like that was His own way of answering my longterm prayer request. To start with, it had been ages since I stayed in that home, I visit regularly but hardly spend the night. So when I started to see really old and familiar things that reminded me of who I was before med. school and what I loved and loved doing, I began to realize how much I have changed and how far away I’ve gotten.

So I told myself, “Kene, it’s time we changed.” and I noted down some really crappy areas in my life that needed to be fine tuned, some things I needed to revive and things that I just had to adapt. All, to the glory of God, would be to make me a better person. So, here goes:

1. Reading – I use to be a voracious reader, always seen with a book or a paper. Somewhere, somehow, my reading became narrowed to only school books and related and of course, so became my knowledge about things. So, correcting my past, I picked a book by Frank Peretti, from my pile which I hadn’t read since acquisition like some four months ago. I have decided to read at least five books within this short break and then continue from there. So far, I’ve read two, reading one and two more to go.

2. Radio listening – there was actually a time in my life when I couldn’t do without radio in a day. I just enjoy the way the on-air personalities talk, the call-in, the music, all of it. Yeah, so I am going back to listening to radio and just maybe, maybe, I might call in one day just to hear how squeaky my voice will sound on radio, lol.

3. Blogging – this blog is need of orientation, good design and good and constant content. Not to mention followers and commenters, lol. I will stop there, no further comment.

4. Beading – I’m still thinking about this one though. Once upon a time, I use to make really lovely beaded bags and sell them. Now, I might just make them for the fun of it and see how it goes. I must show you this one.

WP_20130820_16_40_02_SmartShootthis use to be me, like 2013 and that was my pretty beaded crafted handiwork.

WP_20130712_20_11_29_SmartShoot my bead bag under construction.

5. Writing – I noticed some really disturbing loopholes in my writing ability due to lack of regular practice in time past. I have decided to stop mounting pressure on myself and go back to the basics, when I fell in love with writing. So, I would be writing  a lot of about myself, how I spent my last holiday, my favorite food or pet, my country etc. This should also teach me how to describe though.

Should there be a no. 6??? Okay, there is a no 6.

6. God, praying, bible reading – somehow, I manage not to do the most important things, so I have decided to pray twice a day instead of my regular once, read my bible and write down what I read, everyday. Also, I would definitely need God’s help in achieving all the above stated, so daily commune with God is now my top priority.

In conclusion, it is very important to take stock of one’s life and adjust areas that needs adjustment or amend areas that needs amendment. Scripture says, we should take heed lest we fall (1Cor.10:12). I have come to interpret that not only as we being careful of what we do, but also as constant monitoring of our life’s activities.


pic credit: http://affirmyourlife.blogspot.com,

my photo library.


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