Kitan Coles was someone you could call a ‘worrier’. She enjoyed the idea of worrying. Everything disturbed her – money, clothes, friends, family, school – name it, her mind was never on vacation. If she wasn’t bothered over assignments, she was worrying over food and because she was a ‘worrier’, she wasn’t exactly an easy person to live with. She was always frantic about everything, picky and overly cautious; she was a pain in the butt.

Hear greatest worry, however, was failure. She was so afraid of failing and therefore spent half the time assessing and analysing every single thing she did so she wouldn’t fail at any. Her phobia for failure made her an excessive perfectionist. Nothing satisfied her, nobody could please her, nobody could do anything to her taste. You wouldn’t be too surprised then that Kitan was a loner. She never married, no man was good enough. She had very few friends and even family members avoided her; nobody could stand her. But she was very successful in business and very rich. Her extra caution, coupled with her fear of failure, drove her to be a workaholic. She was one of the most hard-working persons I had even known. Too bad though, she didn’t live so long to enjoy her wealth.

PicsArt_25_06_2015 11_46_38

At 50, Kitan Coles died of high blood pressure. A day to her death, on her death bed, she said to me, “Fumilayo, don’t live life like I lived it. Enjoy life, make friends and keep them. Get married, have children, never take anything to heart. Live each day as it comes.Do not be anxious for anything. If you believe in God, leave your worries at His feet.”

It’s been ten years since Kitan Coles died. I have grown from the mere secretary I was then to the vice president of Kiki Creative House. A lot has changed in my life. I haven’t married, but I am engaged. I have quite a large number of friends. I am a very busy woman, always travelling, always at one event or the other. But I never forgot Kitan’s words. Rather than worry, I leave it all at God’s feet to be sorted out. So far, I have not had any cause to regret anything.


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