MAKING MONEY EPISODE 1 (please click here to read the intro to this post) wp_ss_20150530_0008 WHY DO WE MAKE MONEY? I was introduced into the act of making money at an early age of six by singing songs and reciting bible verses for my uncles and aunties. They would give me money for my performance and after two/three days of constant free cash, I took it as a job. So even when they didn’t send for me, I was ever close. I saw an opportunity to always buy biscuits without having to ask my mother or beg and I wasn’t ready to let my opportunity slide. My soul aim for making money at that time was so I could buy biscuit whenever I chose to. Thank God for my mother who was able to manage the situation. As a teenager, after a very deep reflection of how cruel the last months had been, practically begging for money from the ogas at the top (my parents), I realized that I wanted money. After lamenting my ordeal with my mother to my friend and ended up saying: “I want to make money.” She said to me, “Kene, na today your day break!” Honestly, na that day my day break o! I went back to think of ways to make money. The reason why I wanted to make money was solely to spite my mum. I wanted her to see me as grown-up and independent. I dan forget say pikin no dey grow for in mama eyes! So, I finally ended up with baking as my means to make money. I didn’t know how to bake, mumsi didn’t know how to bake, but Kene needed money and Kene must get money. So I called my aunty who knew how to bake and over the phone, she dictated recipes for puffpuff, chinchin and doughnut. I got my material and began practicing and after extensive practice and strategy, I was ready to go into business. I sold chinchin to my classmates for two consecutive terms. I would take 70-100 nylons of chinchin, for the price of #10, to school and at the end of the week, I was making approximately #5000. Let’s not forget my reason for going into the business, for working hard and for putting so much effort. It was to have my mother view me as a grown girl and an independent moneybag. And although, she was highly supportive (I mean, she was collecting commission), my plan didn’t work. Not at all! In fact, she became more annoying than before. If I ask for money to get a book for school, she would remind me of my daily earnings. If I asked for my allowance to school, she would tell me to borrow from my savings and I knew that the money borrowed will never be refunded. If I asked for money to buy a dress or even biscuit, she would tell me I was a working class woman and working class women do not rely on their mothers. When I finally realized that my mother wasn’t going to bulge, that independent young lady no go ever happen for my mama eyes,  I lost interest in business and the enthusiasm with which I sold my chinchin dropped. You can tell the end result from there. I was narrating this story to an older sister, thinking she would be sympathetic with me, you know, point me in the direction of things I did right and didn’t do right, but she began to scold me, asking me why I wanted money, what I wanted to use money for at 13. She said, she blamed my mother for even permitting me to do such thrash and she went on and on and on, and I lost interest. But one thing I can remember from that incident and I carried around for a long time was the saying:the love of money is the root of all evil. So, my fellow young people, I ask: is wanting money wrong? If no, what is then wrong? Was my mother wrong to let me work for money? p.s: Kindly leave your comments below, would be greatly appreciated, thanks.



  1. My Kene is at it again… This write-up is really nice. Now, to your question. Wanting money is so unwrong. It just depends on the lengths to which the individual is willing to go in his/her money-search and the purpose behind the search. And my dear, your mum wasnt wrong in letting you work for money. She wanted you to gain some experience, which you have. So, its all good.

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