For some very weird reasons, I get excited when the subject of money is mentioned. It’s not a feeling I can exactly put into words, but I love the sound of money and I love more, the presence of money in my hands and in my bank account; in fact there is nothing better than the backyard knowledge of a healthy bank account stashed away. But, for a young lady like myself, still answerable to mommy and daddy, money can as well be regarded as a scarce commodity; that should be spent with caution. It’s just saddening how slow money rolls in this days though and more disheartening how difficult it is to get the older folks to spend!

While growing up, I hated my mom calling me to help her count bundles of #500 or #1000 notes. Every single time she hands a bundle to me, I would pretend I was receiving my end of the month salary and didn’t want to be cheated. With this kind of thought in mind, I would meticulously count my mother’s money without missing a note. By the time I am done or towards the end of the counting, my mum would ask impatiently, in igbo: “How much is there?” and when I reply, she would record it in her money register. Then she would mumble ‘thank you’ and stretch out her hands, telling me to hand over the money. The worst part was the tone with which she would dismiss me after all my great care and efficiency; most times she would add: “Go do your homework in the dinning room.”  to the harshly said, ‘you can leave.’ 

That feeling of anger can still be equated to periods, in this so called economy meltdown, when my folks announce that my allowance for the month would arrive late. Sometimes, I just sit somewhere and cry, especially when I have already budgeted for the money or when I am so broke. After crying, I would then begin to ‘plan my life’ and reschedule all my activities. 

Frustrating days like this, on frequent basis accumulated over a long period of time, drove me to begin the search for a better life. Search for ways by which I can be financially independent of my parents (to a large extent). And so in my bid to answer the number one question of how to make money, I stumbled on some really interesting information. 

Since I know that money ‘palava’ isn’t just peculiar to me, but to a lot of young people out there filled with the same questions of how to make money and become rich. I would be sharing my knowledge in episodes, weekly.

Trust me, you would not want to miss this (lol).


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